Remote Control Ride-On Toys

Remote Control Ride-On Toys

Remote Control Ride-On Toys

The level of technology implemented in ride-on toys these days is astounding. Would you be surprised to know that there’s a toy out there that combines the features of a battery-powered ride on car with those of a real vehicle? And what if I went on to say that you could control this toy completely by remote control?

Pretty exciting, right?

Well, it turns out that there are manufacturers that have developed these remote-controlled ride-on toys. Not only that, but they’ve included amenities like an MP3/iPod port, working head and tail lights, and gradual acceleration/braking mechanisms.

Kids these days…they don’t know how good they have it!

Cause for Concern

Let’s picture that your child is at the age where they’re ready for a battery-powered ride-on toy. They look comfortable scooting around on their push toy, they just aren’t familiar with the mechanics involved in driving a car.

Conceptually, pressing a pedal down is much simpler than physically propelling themselves forward. That’s not the issue here. This is akin to an teenager graduating from riding a bike to getting behind the wheel. There’s a reason why we spend almost 100 hours in driver’s education and behind-the-wheel training.

If you’re concerned with putting your child behind the wheel of a powered toy all by themselves, you’re not alone. It’s a big leap for children to understand how an accelerator pedal works, not to mention the fact that they’re now in control of a few pounds of plastic.

In Control

While these remote control ride-on toys still maintain the ability for a child to drive themselves around, they also include a key mechanic: the remote control.

The remote is relatively simple. It’s similar to a dual-joystick remote control you may remember back when you were racing your 9 volt R/C car around. Only this one is even simpler than that.

You’ll typically get individual forward/reverse buttons on the left side and left/right buttons on the right. And while you can’t control the rate of speed, some models come with a smooth start-and-stop functionality. Save yourself from having to explain what whiplash is to your kid.

The remote control itself overrides any actions made from within the car. So while you can let your child learn on their own, you can always take over if they get themselves into a pickle.

Stages in Learning

Having the remote control is a useful option if you’re looking to get your child a battery-powered ride on toy, but aren’t yet confident in their skills. It provides peace of mind to you. It allows your child to get comfortable with sitting inside a vehicle, getting accustomed to how it moves them, and what movements their own actions can yield.

This also gives the toy some staying power. While you should still weigh the option of whether or not it’s time for your child to get behind the wheel of a battery-powered car, you can still introduce them at a younger age.

As parents, we’re always trying to stretch our dollar further. So getting an extra few years out of an expensive toy like this is much appreciated.

And unless you have a small parking lot in your backyard, these toys take up some serious space.

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