The Benefits of Buying a Ride-On Toy

The Benefits of Buying a Ride-On Toy

The Benefits of Buying a Ride-On Toy

Ride-on toys provide much more than simply a joyous time scooting around on the ground. As parents, we see these cars or bikes and it takes us back to memories of our own childhood. That time when we were given our first ride-on toy and the nearly uncontainable joy that immediately followed.

We picture that same experience in our children. That moment when they see that Power Wheels truck or Cozy Coupe for the first time. We want to recreate that joy within our child.

Fortunately, there’s much more to ride-on toys than just having fun. They develop skills that can be utilized not only in their next stages of growing, but for the rest of their adult lives.

Improve Coordination

Ride-on toys of any shape or size will require some form of body movement. Getting on and off, rocking, pedaling. It could be as simple as placing your hands on a handlebar or as complicated as riding a bicycle.

These activities illicit raw coordination in one form or another. And it’s essential for children to learn how to balance and develop their gross motor skills in order to stay on track.

Some toys have interactive buttons that promote hand-eye coordination. Others have pedals to promote muscle development. It all routes back to the brain and how they choose to employ each impulse.

And while children may get up on their feet around 12 months of age, they still spend the next few months refining their ability to balance and walk. There’s a lot more to coordinating body movement than we may recall.

For children, during this time of exploration–approaching toys, interacting with them, riding on them–it’s essential that they have toys that not only entertain and bring them joy, but also give them the opportunity to learn basic life skills. Skills they’ll need in the next several (important) years of their lives.

Promote Exercise

When children are comfortable with simply mounting a ride-on toy or being pushed around by an adult, the next stage they’ll experience is self-propulsion. They know they can be moved, but can they do it on their own.

You may observe your child jerking their body back and forth, or pressing down with their feet and moving their ride-on toy backward. This is all necessary experimentation to realize that they can propel themselves by their own force.

It takes quite a bit of energy to get moving. Fortunately, kids don’t realize how much energy they’re actually expelling when they bolt down the sidewalk or scoot across the living room floor.

Ride-on toys promote this safe form of exercise. Often times to the point where the child is exhausted and ready for a nap.

Problem Solving

Stuck in a corner? Favorite song stop playing? It’s amazing to watch a child solve a problem on their own. You can almost see their thought process as they investigate the situation.

Ride-on toys teach problem solving skills. Realizing that they can no longer go forward, a child may discover that they can push in reverse, or perhaps turn and head forward in the other direction. How do I turn around? What happens if I hit this button again?

While their epiphany may not occur immediately, these toys nurture several simultaneous exercises in logic. As they learn, they process more choices at the same time, leading to better understanding of what to do and ultimately achieve their goal.

It may be difficult to take a step back and let them learn for themselves in all situations. Gauge the level of safety and whether or not you really need to step in. As hard as it may be, their experience with frustration is necessary to develop naturally.

Social Fun

When children play together, they benefit from learning how to cooperate, communicate, and share. And ride-on toys provide a great conduit for kids to get together and learn from one another.

Maybe it’s playing cops and robbers in a battery-powered cars. Or a side-by-side race down the sidewalk in a couple of PlasmaCars. It could even be two imaginary steeds riding across the savannah from the safety of a living room.

Having fun with other children provides experiences where they learn to be patient, teach, help, lead, and imagine. These are all great values to develop at a young age. Especially since they are so important throughout any age of life.

Incite Creativity

Kids already have pretty wild imaginations. Picture them sitting on the living room, rolling around some Matchbox cars.

To you, it may look like they’re just playing cars. Beeping and crashing into one another. To them, it’s a magnificent race through the desert. Weaving between the pillars of the coffee table, racing through the mountains of the couch on their way to win the gold cup.

Now imagine that you could be in that driver’s seat. You’re the one inside that imaginary place. Ride-on toys can expand your child’s canvas from the living room floor to the entire outside world.

It gives them the opportunity where they can be the racecar driver. They can rescue the knight from impending doom. It’s their winged pegasus flying through the clouds.

Ride-on toys unlock countless new possibilities for your children’s creativity, in turn giving them tools to think outside of the box. And creative thinking encourages new methods to solve problems, skills they can use all throughout their entire adult life.

Outdoor Exposure

Instead of being cooped up inside all afternoon, ride-on toys encourage children to get up and get some fresh air. In a time where television and tablet use is so common, it’s wonderful to see children getting back to a natural method of entertainment.

Some ride-on toys can be ridden in the house, but a good amount of them require some wide open space. Back yards, front yards, and parks are all great places to really let loose and burn some energy.

The less they’re tied to a device that encourages lethargy and provides mindless entertainment, the more apt they’ll be to using their own imagination. They won’t be reliant on an electronic device to entertain them.

Instead, they’ll be the ones generating their own entertainment. Not to mention, they’ll be getting their daily dose of Vitamin D!

Encourage Independence

As children grow up, we step in and provide less and less aid. It’s bittersweet to recall how much more your child needed your assistance, even just a few weeks before. Today, they’ve learned how to unlock the toy chest on their own or they’ve pushed themselves across the room by their own power.

Ride-on toys give children the opportunity to teach themselves necessary life-skills. They encourage reliance on themselves. Not being dependent on an adult tell them what to do or where to go.

Of course, ride-on toys still require some level of supervision. But kids are pretty good at tuning people out. Even though you’re in the wings, you might not really be there, if you get what I’m saying.

So while it may be tough to see your child thinking for themselves and making decisions on their own, know that this is an incredibly important skill to develop. And something they’ll be able to utilize in their everyday life growing up.


We’ve only touched on 7 benefits of buying a ride-on toy. You’ll see for yourself that there’s much more that your children will get out of their toys, let alone the ride-on variety.

These are benefits that your child will use tomorrow, next year, and countless points in their adult life. And you don’t have to drop a huge wad of cash to see your child light up in excitement. I list out some affordable ride-on toys for parents on any budget. Happy shopping!

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