Top 10 Battery Operated Cars for Kids

Top 10 Battery Operated Cars for Kids

Top 10 Battery Operated Cars for Kids

Children mimic the actions of adults. Regardless of the fact that they’re dependent on us for the first portion of their lives, they still look up to us and emulate the things we do. We’re their role models.

Dad is building a playhouse? They want to pick up a hammer. Grandma is taking little sister for a walk? They want to get out their doll stroller. Mom is going to work? Now they want to drive their own car.

While I don’t advocate general contracting for kids under the age of 5, I certainly can understand the child’s desire to drive their own car.

As far back as the mid-eighties, Power Wheels have been providing some pretty awesome battery-operated vehicles for young kids to drive themselves. More recently, new car manufacturers have released models with some exciting little additions.

Even though the basic functionality remains the same, there are still some intriguing additions that have been made to enhance the experience for both parent and child.

Below I’ve outlined our top 10 battery operated cars for kids. I tried to include different brands and models in an effort to provide as much information as possible in your search for your child’s next great ride-on toy.

1. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer


Country roads, take me home! This John Deere tractor is one of the best-selling battery-powered ride-on toys on the market. And it’s no wonder since it comes packed with dazzling extras you don’t typically see with kids toys.

It comes standard with a working FM radio, adjustable seat with arm rests, and a detachable trailer. Cruise around on grass, dirt, gravel, or pavement with your heavy duty four-wheel drive farm tires.

With a sleek design and all these amenities, your child is sure to keep themselves busy and play for hours.

2. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford F-150


In the late-1980’s, Power Wheels had released a Bigfoot model ride-on truck. It came in that well-known deep blue, complete with the decals and roll bar. For those who grew up in that decade, Bigfoot was–for lack of a better term–a pretty big deal.

Things have changed a lot since then. While Bigfoot may not have the same wow-factor associated with the F-150 that it used to, Fisher-Price has done the model a good service with the add-ons included.

This little monster of a truck sports features such as an FM radio, USB port, truck bed with working tailgate, two seats, and even working seatbelts! Take your friends for a ride around the house in true luxury.

3. KidTrax Red Mini Cooper S 12v


Contrary to what its name may imply, this little Mini packs quite the wallop! You’ve got to hand it to ride-on toy manufacturers these days and the additions that they include. Aside from the size, it’s hard for kids to tell if they’re driving the real thing or not.

This 12 volt Mini Cooper comes with real working headlights, opening driver and passenger doors, seats for 2, clear windshield, and high-traction rubber tires. Aside from keyless entry, this car is sufficiently loaded.

Let’s be honest. Kids would just lose the keys anyway.

4. Dynacraft Girls’ Surge 6-Volt Little Quad


This pretty pink ride-on quad is a great stepping stone between the self-powered toys and full-size, battery-powered ride-ons. With its small size and low seat profile, it gives kids at even 17 months of age a leg-up on seating themselves.

At a top speed of 2.5 miles per hour, you can also rest assured that your kid won’t get too far, too fast. Couple this low draw of power with its 6 volt battery and you’re looking at several hours of playtime.

It can be ridden inside or outside, but be mindful of its limited turning radius. It can make things difficult for your little girl to get around those tight turns.

5. Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV


Mud whompin’ and a-trail stompin’! Just like pops’ Gator, this little ride-on replica sports the same look and feel of the real reptilian utility vehicle. With seats for two, take your best friend for a wild ride over grass, gravel, or pavement.

Comes complete with a dump bin, working tailgate, and a lever to release the load. Haul your goods across the lawn or across the acreage. The 12 volt power supply will give you about 2 to 4 hours of runtime at 2.5 miles per hour.

While it may not have the same amenities as the Ground Force Tractor, this Peg Perego ride-on is still an impressive vehicle that should provide you with years of enjoyment.

6. Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad


Similar to our Dynacraft Girls’ Surge Quad, this little beast is ideal for toddlers just getting into ride-on toys. With its low-profile build, kids can easily get on and off, and the foot rest makes for a comfortable ride either in the house or in the great outdoors.

With a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour, Junior won’t get too far from mom and dad if they get themselves into some trouble. The wide wheel base aids in keeping the rider secure and the thumb trigger makes it easy for your child to hit the gas.

Again, the turning radius for this little quad is quite limited. So while it lessens the potential for a child to tip over, you’ll also find them having a tough time with tight corners. Nevertheless, this is a well-built machine from Power Wheels and a great introduction to battery-powered ride-ons.

7. Lil’ Rider Harley Style Wild Child Motorcycle


For our cycle enthusiasts, Lil’ Rider offers a classic Harley Style motorcycle with some character to spare. The only thing missing is a leather jacket and some shades. Hey look at me, I’m Arthur Fonzarelli! Ayyyyyyy!

Unlike our other bike-style ride-ons, the accelerator is located on the right foot rest. So instead of controlling the accelerator with their thumb, kids can focus on gripping the handles and steering safely.

It tops out at 3 miles per hour, which is just a hair faster than the other quads in this list. Still within walking speed for cautious parents.

It also touts a revving sound, horn honk, and working headlight. Get ready for adventure on the open road…err sidewalk.

8. Power Wheels Dune Racer


Not into tractors or trucks? With a hint of style originating from dune buggies of the mid-eighties, the Power Wheels Dune Racer may be right up your alley.

The knobby tires, while constructed of plastic, still bite into deep grass and troublesome roads. You can attribute this to Power Wheels’ “Monster Traction” high-performance drive system. Couple its off-road talents with a wraparound steel frame and that makes for one heavy duty toy.

With space for two and a selection of four wild and crazy colors, it’s enough to attract riders of any age or gender–safety permitting. It also sports a storage compartment under the hood and a Power Lock Brake system.

9. Lil’ Rider Cruisin’ Coupe


Okay, this one is just cute. For younger riders who haven’t quite mastered the motor skills to operate a ride-on toy, this is a great option since it can be controlled completely by remote.

You’ll find several of the features that most toddler push-toys have such as a honking horn, working headlights, and an mp3 player. It’s a good amount to keep your child busy if they grow tired of being chauffeured around.

Being on the smaller side, this classy little coupe can only support riders up to 70 pounds, which does limit its replayability factor as kids grow so fast. Still, it’s a unique little rider that’s sure to catch the gazes of children and adults alike.

10. BMW i8


The gorgeous styling of the BMW i8 is meticulously re-crafted in a children’s ride-on toy. From the shark-nosed grille to the floating body panels, this little gem is eye-candy for any car enthusiast.

For the music bug, this little coupe comes stock with an mp3 and SD card reader. Give your kid the power to control the sound. It also has realistic start-up and revving sounds to round off the sports car experience.

Traction strips give the tires an added boost when it comes to slick surfaces. With a top speed of 4 miles per hour, you won’t be laying much rubber, but least you know you can start and stop on a dime.

If you’re looking for a higher-end ride-on toy that can still be controlled by an adult, this is a wonderful option. However, take note of its lower-than-normal weight limit of 66 pounds. For such a pretty car, it’s too bad that it has such a low factor for replayability.

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